Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Observer

Yet another morning spent away from The Scrubs and in front of my laptop instead. It was a shame because it looked pretty good outside; grey and it had been raining. It could have been good conditions for something weird to have turned up. But I guess I'll never know. What I do know is that there were 4 Stonechats and Snipe discovered. Across London there were at least 2 wind blown Gannets leading the London listers a merry dance.

At noon I had a telephone interview with a journalist from The Observer. She was very pleasant and enthusiastic. She loved the ethos of The Urban Birder and was totally into my thoughts on birding that included encouraging beginners to enjoy birds without worrying too much about what they were looking at. As I touched on yesterday, the piece is going to be about how birding has become more popular recently and will feature other birdy people - I hope.

It would be terrible if it featured people who had no deep routed interest and had only come out of the woodwork to be seen being involved in the latest trend.

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Thing said...

Interestingly, Vic Reeves was in the paper at the weekend stating that he was not an active birder - despite it being bandied about that he was. Looking forward to the article...