Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Asleep on the job

For the first time this month I managed to get myself up to The Scrubs under grey swollen morning skies. A male Peregrine overhead carrying prey, twenty or so Meadow Pipits and the report of 4 Stonechats were my reward.

Back at The Urban Birder Towers it was business as usual. Thankfully, the RSPB enjoyed my London Sparrow article that I wrote on Monday. It will be published in the spring issue, meanwhile, the autumn issue should be on doormats within the next couple of weeks and will feature the piece I did about my Firth of Forth cruise.

Whilst I sat scribing my Istanbul article for Bird Watching Magazine the itinerary for my next trip to Lisbon arrived via email. It looked incredible. I will be totally looked after from the moment I touch down to the second I climb back on board the plane to take me back to London. In between times, I will be escorted to some amazing birding spots in and around the city. Nice!

Sometimes I wish that I didn't need to sleep.

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