Monday, 12 October 2009

Brown Shrike, a coo for the Staines Massive!

Hooded Crow (Dean Eades)
T'was a good day in the office today. My Istanbul piece for Bird Watching Magazine is practically done. It was pretty tricky to write because there was so much to say with so little space to play with. I hope that it eventually reads well.

I'm shooting with Birdguides on Friday morning at the London Wetland Centre. It will be a segment of a documentary that I'm working on that has the working title 'London's Birding'. Next week I'm off to Lisbon to check out the urban birding there and I've also going to Mull, Scotland in January to write an RSPB article on the White-tailed Sea Eagle.

More urgently, learnt this afternoon that the Red-backed Shrike identified at Staines Moor (c10 miles from my house) has been re-identified as a Brown Shrike. A phenomenal discovery of a species more associated with some remote Scottish isle.

Should I stay or should I go now?

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