Friday, 16 October 2009


Ring Ouzel - my favourite bird in the world! (Stephen Daly)
This morning was a pretty grey one as I motored towards the London Wetland Centre to do some filming with Fiona Barclay at Birdguides. The morning went well and the weather even cheered up a bit later. I hung out with some of the centre's regulars at the end to chew the fat.

I was then meant to head over to Staines Moor to be interviewed by a BBC London news reporter about the Brown Shrike. But they called me to cancel saying that they will cover it at a 'later date' - whatever that means. They obviously don't realise that birds have wings and the ones that like to use them (like lost waifs and most migrants) are most prone to disappear overnight.

Got home to find that those lovely people at Nikon had sent me an even lovelier D90 DSLR so that I could knock out a few shots whilst I'm in Lisbon next week. Thank you guys.

Oh, and the Ring Ouzel picture is gratuitous. I'm sure that I've missed a few at The Scrubs over the past few days, especially given the minor influx in the London area recently. Speaking of The Scrubs, I will be there after football tomorrow for a photoshoot with The Observer.

Maybe an Ouzel might show up?

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