Monday, 5 October 2009

Rain = job done.

I just had to feature some more images from Istanbul and environs!
Eurasian Jackdaws (Dean Eades)
Over flying Black Storks (Dean Eades)
Gorgeous Red-fronted Serins (Dean Eades)
Syrian Woodpecker (Dean Eades)
Writing an article on the demise of the London House Sparrow put paid to any further attempt to search for yesterday's elusive Grasshopper Warbler. I had to weigh up the possibility of dipping on a long departed (or deceased) Gropper or pressing the send button on a written piece for the RSPB's Birds Magazine. Common sense prevailed.

It also started to rain this morning. Rain has a funny way of focussing you into sitting down and doing some unstinting work. I actually felt very creative today and this was exemplified by this morning's article that I have been thinking about for several weeks and wrote in under two hours. Yes, the juices are flowing.

My next urban birding exploration will be to Lisbon on October 18th. Thereafter will be a trip to Bradford, England to see what's on offer in this unlikeliest of places. I do like a challenge!

Tomorrow lunchtime I will be having a telephone interview with The Observer newspaper who are doing a piece on birding in Britain and how it's become a bit trendy these days.

It's time to stand tall in your Hunter wellies and wield your bins in public with no fear.


Andy said...

Be sure to let us know when the Observer article comes out. I need to post it on Facebook to show my friends that I'm not compulsive (much).

WedgeWelly said...

I have to agree, birding in Britain is definitely becoming more trendy these days!

We are a ladies footwear brand and specialise in outdoor footwear such as designer Wellington boots.

Fashion is firmly embedded within our brand values and is reflected in our designs, it's therefore interesting to note the rise in consumers buying our product (particularly the sophisticated, elegant Legend design) for this particular purpose!!

It would appear that teenage festival goers are not the only ones who want to look good in a pair of Wellies!!

Mud never looked so gud!


DNLee said...

Hey, I just wrote about jackdaws on my blog!
Nice post. I love your pictures.