Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Great Burnett (Dave Renham)
I've just realised that July is rolling to a close and there is little chance of me hitting The Scrubs for a proper birding session until August. I feel utterly ashamed. It's like I have abandoned a child or eaten the last biscuit in the tin. Okay, during June there were large periods of ultimate laziness on my part that kept me away, but in fairness I was out of town a bit. Tomorrow morning I will be shooting in central London (though I will shoot briefly at The Scrubs in the late morning) and on Thursday morning I will be journeying to Bristol. That leaves Friday and will probably be pouring with rain!

Over the last couple of days I wrote a book review for Anthony McGeehan's book 'Birding From The Hip', became the patron for an inner city farm, got invited to attend the British Birds magazine Bird Photographer of the Year presentation and The Great Bustard Group's celebration of the hatching of some chicks - both at The British Bird Fair. Also, the latest issues of both Bird Watching Magazine and BBC Wildlife are both carrying articles written by me and the latest London Wildlife Trust's magazine has a piece on The Urban Birder.

Enough trumpet blowing!


Thing said...

Not trumpet blowing if this was the idea in the first place! Keep it up!

holdingmoments said...

Busy man.
I'm sure the 'Scrubs' will wait for you, and give a special welcome return. :)