Monday, 20 July 2009


The usual story prevailed this morning with an imaged 5.30am start ended up as 8am. I did the final tickles on my Firth of Forth piece for the RSPB and pressed the send button. It's very difficult to condense a cruise down the Firth, the birds and the people in just 500 words. The moment you start you have to rein yourself in and finish up. I found writing that piece pretty tricky, but I got an email later during the day from the editor of RSPB's Birds Magazine saying that they thought it was 'just the job'. Result.

Today I also received the itinerary for my reconvened Portugal trip that's planned for September. Among the places that I'd be heading to will be the Tagus and Sado Estuaries. In the autumn they will promise to be amazing birding destinations.

Finally, still on a travel tip, I had a meeting with a South African organisation who want to ship me out to a game lodge out there in October to sample the wildlife and do a spot of filming.

Double result.

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