Tuesday, 21 July 2009


The Scrubs, looking east
An interesting day today.

It started with the obligatory lie in bed until 8am. To be fair, it was pretty dismal outside with the usual rain. I wouldn't have gone to The Scrubs if I'd gotten up early anyway.

Later, I had a fairly successful meeting alongside my agent with a big production company. They seemed impressed by The Urban Birder ethos and keen to move things on. We shall see.

I am feeling slightly swamped at the moment due to the inordinate amount of tasks that I have to complete - like pronto. First and foremost is the presentation for my Bird Fair talk - which needs to be with them by Friday. Also high on my priorities is my 2007 London Bird Report records for Wormwood Scrubs.

That should take all of 10 years to compile!

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