Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sweet victory

European Robin (Chris Adlem)
At last I tasted victory. The loosing tide was halted and we recorded a resounding victory against the old adversary - an adversary whose nucleus I have played against every Saturday for the past six years. Celtic v Rangers every weekend.

After our post match breakfast instead of indulging in a well earned siesta, I traveled to Barn Hill to recce for tomorrow's walk that I'm leading. For your information, Barn Hill and Fryent Country Park are in north west London partially situated in Wembley. The former site a wood that I used to be forced to do cross-country around as a school kid. The latter site is an area of grassland with ancient hedgerows dating back to the middle ages.

Bird-wise there was not much of note. Hopefully, there will something to look at in the morning.

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