Saturday, 18 July 2009


It was a terrible morning on the football pitch. We lost miserably 8-3. This loosing business is becoming a bit of a habit. I must add though, that my team are not terrible players. It's just that we keep on loosing!

After my customary post brunch with the lads siesta, I ventured to the local trendy deli situated near the Portobello Road for a hot chocolate. I couldn't find a parking space so I parked on a yellow line outside the store. The best hot chocolate maker in the shop was outside selling slices of pizzas from a stall. I sent him back into the shop to knock out my beverage whilst I took over manning his stand. In 10 minutes, I sold 15 slices of pizza, got an invite to a barbeque and discussed the poor value for money that Oystercards represent with some tourists from Marseilles (the oldest city in France, I'll have you know!).

Fresh back from my trading I spent the rest of the evening at The Urban Birder Towers plotting and planning and watching a bit of TV (including a seeing fascinating documentary on Cheetahs on Discovery).

Nature - human and otherwise - is so fascinating.

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