Wednesday, 15 July 2009


There were tears of unabated joy this afternoon. Why? Well, I picked up my computer from my agent's office that was fixed by my new messiah, Alicia, my web designer. The computer had a seizure last week and as I reported previously, was not responding to treatment only accepting electricity. Now, were are reunited (and it feels so good).

There were further tears though. These tears were of abject sadness. I had to return the D90 SLR so kindly loaned to me by my equipment sponsors Nikon. They said that they needed it back. I did toy with the idea of kidnapping it- or to perhaps running off to some wilderness; just me and the camera. But I felt too tired. I just couldn't be bothered. Easy come, easy go.

I just had to yet again remind myself that I am a lucky man!

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holdingmoments said...

Good news about the computer David; not so good about the camera. lol