Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lee Evans

Searching (Russell F Spencer)
The topic of the day on the birding forums and my twitter was the Twitching programme on BBC4 last night. I think it left the viewer under no uncertain terms as to what a twitcher was and to what lengths they would go to achieve a tick. In a nutshell, it followed the stories of four or five different twitchers in their quest to add to their respective life and year lists. Central to the whole show was our very own Lee Evans who proclaimed his self appointment as guardian of twitching etiquette and birding standards.

Of course, he was hammered - and I mean, hammered - by most forum participants. But if you ask me, we need characters within our birding world. Love him or hate him, he makes us think, debate and for some people, laugh. I'd be the last person to slate him because although I may not necessarily agree with some of the things he says, I admire his sheer nuts.

My turn on Wednesday night on Birds Britannia, BBC4 at 9pm.

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