Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Nice day in the office

Tonight I attended the BTO's Awards Ceremony held in the plush Kohn Centre and the Marble Hall in the impressive The Royal Society. I've been hanging out in quite a few posh buildings recently and as usual I was dressed appropriately in jeans and a jacket!

This awards ceremony is almost like the Oscars but only three awards are awarded. The Marsh Award for Ornithology, Marsh Local Ornithology Award and The Dilys Breese Award - the equivalent of the Best Film Award - went to my colleague Chris Packham for his outstanding communication of BTO Science to the public.

I hung out with the usual suspects; my BTO mates, journalist and all round nice guy Stuart Winter, Bird Watching Magazine's Editor Sheena Harvey and Swarovski's Peter Antoniou amongst others. I was most delighted to meet and chat with Ian Newton the migration guru. He wants to come up on Tower 42 next spring to observe the migration. He is a true giant.

Oh and I nearly forgot, I was also invited to be an ambassador for the BBC Wildlife Fund. What an honour!

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holdingmoments said...

Onward and upward David.
Ambassador for the BBC Wildlife Fund; well deserved.
Sounds like a good night.