Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Black-headed Gulls (Russell F Spencer)
It looks like Lee Evans is the flavour of the month as I met with him this morning at the Birdguides offices for an interview. The idea was for him to put the record straight after his contentious appearance on Twitchers - A Great British Obsession. I thought that he gave a very good account of himself despite a heavy and uncompromising grilling from myself. You will be able to see the interview online on Birdguides' site fairly soon.

Other news from the past few days included the fact that my remixed and funked up website relaunched yesterday. Take a look and see what you think.

Finally, I got a call from CBS News in their London office asking me to appear on a programme imaginatively called Sunday Morning to talk about John James Audubon and in particular, the Southerby sale of some of his original artwork in December. They will be filming that next week and my little bit will be broadcast across the States. Thanks to my good buddy, John Hague for sending them my way.

Enough writing. Time for sleeping.


DaveG said...

Excellent interview. Lee came over so much better than on the Twitchers programme. My only criticism was how he seemed to refer to Gary as a beginner as he'd only been birding for 12 years, unlike himself with 40 years. Well I'm sure there are some useless birders with more than 40 years under their belt, and conversely some excellent ones with a mere 12 years.

And we've all got to start somewhere

Dave (2 years)

Hawky said...

likewise didnt get that either and also about serving an apprentership on Scilly, didnt realise thats why we went there?? Thought it was just to consume large amounts of alcohol and get robbed on expensive off island trips!! Lol.