Friday, 27 August 2010

What a grey day!

Looking SW from Tower 42
Looking into murk
I arose from my bed at 4.30am with a heart filled with so much hope, despite the constant drizzle that I encountered in the darkness. At 6am when I rolled up outside the Tower 42 building, I greeted the other fellow watchers under a blanket of grey clouds, spitting rain and a northeasterly breeze. Perfect.

Things didn't get better on the roof and we had to call off proceedings at 7.30am after seeing a Peregrine a few gulls and little else. Me and couple of the guys then traveled to Canary Wharf to recce Canada Gardens (at the foot of Canary Wharf) and Jubilee Gardens (behind the western entrance of the Jubilee line station). The habitat looked good though all we could muster was a Peregrine overhead, a Willow Warbler, Blackbird, Wren and a few tits.

On the way home I dropped into Wormwood Scrubs and glimpsed our super elusive Pied Flycatcher for literally 5 seconds as I craned my neck looking up into its favourite Maple tree whilst on the phone to my publisher!

Back at Canary Wharf in the morning to see what's kicking around in the trees. I will tell more about this interesting new project in due course.

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