Sunday, 29 August 2010

Roll over Beethoven

TUB knocking out a concerto (Penny Hayhurst)
Tuition on bow holding (Penny Hayhurst)
No birding for me this morning, despite the fact that there seems to be tons of migrants swilling around at the moment. Maybe I'll catch up with some tomorrow. Instead, I had a violin lesson!

It was a surprise birthday present from someone who knew about my love for the sounds of strings. This love started when I was a teenager playing air violin to my ELO albums. By the end of my hour long lesson I had played a very simplistic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - hardly Beethoven's 5th - but give me time!

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John Hague said...

Oh my god, what's that running away? David, it's your cool fast disappearing over the horizon. If you were talking of air-guitaring to Kashmir or Rock and Roll by Led Zep I could forgive you... playing air-violin to ELO - now that is SAD!