Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sun worshiper

Common Lizard - my first on The Scrubs!
Oops! He's spotted me!
This morning, indeed the whole of the day was superb. Beautiful sunshine throughout. This morning I was up at The Scrubs on the hunt for newly arrived migrants, especially of the raptor variety. We were successful in seeing a couple of coasting Sparrowhawks, a hunting Kestrel and a proper raptor migrant in the shape of an ultra sexy Hobby, swooping through being pursued by a bunch of Swifts.

The best migrant was a male Common Redstart that we flushed from the grassland. Nice. Our second for the autumn. The Common Lizard though was one of the highlights of my life in The Scrubs. These animals have been present at Wormwood Scrubs for years, having been introduced after some of their range was destroyed by the Channel Tunnel development during the '80's. I've never seen one until today - and that's despite occasionally looking for them.

You see, I'm always looking up never down. If lizards squeaked I definitely be finding more!

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