Sunday, 8 August 2010

Milton Keynes - the City of Lakes

The view from MK's highest point
A great hedge in the shopping centre
Mark, TUB, Gill & Russell Spencer (Yvette Spencer)
I never thought that a trip to MK would be so enjoyable. I expected to be circling roundabouts the whole day. Instead, Yvette and Russell Spencer and I saw tons of lakes and watched Little Egrets and Marsh Tits whilst under the pleasurable guidance of the husband and wife team Mark and Gill.

More about that trip in a future copy of Bird Watching Magazine. When I got home later in the early evening I received an email from a birder and his wife visiting The Scrubs explaining that whilst picking blackberries they witnessed a juvenile male Montagu's/Hen Harrier drift over north being pursued by a host of crows.

Intriguing stuff!


Imperfect and tense said...

It was nice meeting you at HESC in MK yesterday. (Sorry, I was one of the two scruffy herberts looking for dragons). Glad you had a good time and thanks for your positive spin on the er... town. Did you spot the hobby, hawking over the Far Hide? No wonder we couldn't find any odos. Managed 13 species by mid afternoon, so we were pretty pleased too. Regards, Graeme

holdingmoments said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit.
Yea, we got some great lakes here in MK. :)