Saturday, 31 July 2010

Where are all my trees?

I showed up for football this morning nursing an injured ankle - sustained from a previous battle on the astra-turf. When I arrived, I was saddened and angered to see that the beautiful trees that lined the western edge of the pitch that lined the Paddington to the west country rail line had been chopped down. All that remained was a pile of logs.

Over the years these trees had filled many an idle moment whilst standing in between the sticks with roving tits, cavorting Magpies and the occasional thrush species. My fellow team mates appreciated the trees because they stopped wayward footballs from being lost forever on the railway tracks.

Good things never seem to last.

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Esmerelda Crow said...

I can really sympathize with this post. I've lived in Bloomington, a mid-sized city in central Illinois, for eight years now, and in that time more and more of my favorite green spaces are being destroyed by development. The recession has slowed down the pace a bit, but I know in the next decade it will all be gone... And replaced by what? Cheap, ugly buildings that no one really needs. It's true, the good things never last.