Monday, 12 July 2010

Norfolk weekend

Barn Swallow (Russell F Spencer)
On Saturday morning directly after a fantastic game of football, I bought a Daily Mirror in addition to my usual Guardian. The reason? Prince's new album was being given away with every copy. Now, I absolutely love Prince. He's written some of the most wicked music and I've been to many of his concerts - all of them brilliant, apart from his recent O2 Arena stint that although polished, was surprisingly like a cabaret - just a series of medleys.

To my mind, he has become a bit lame since he found religion a few years ago. Gone are the edgy references to sex, women, funk, love, dance, music and more sex and instead he's offering up bland, forgettable music. It saddens me to say this but his new album was atrocious. But despite that, I still think that he is one of the best musical artists the world has ever seen.

I heard the album on the way to Norfolk, where I was going to spend a quiet weekend. By Saturday evening, I was strolling around the RSPB's Lakenheath Fens - one of my favourite reserves. I caught up with a Kingfisher and several hunting Marsh Harriers. Later, I was at a nearby site watching up to 7 Stone Curlews. Before the sun set, I was in Thetford Forest looking for Nightjar. I eventually heard 2 singing but saw none.

The following day was spent chilling and writing. As usual it's deadline time and I finally finished my Rekyjavic piece for Bird Watching Magazine today. With the weekend now a distant memory, I have turned my attention to a piece on urban birding in Los Angeles, that needs to be in now. No rest for the wicked!

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