Sunday, 4 July 2010

Reed Bunting Triumph!

Male Reed Bunting (Russell F Spencer)
Early this morning I was at home furiously writing my magazine articles that need to be completed this week - i.e Monday, instead of stalking the urban expanses of Wormwood Scrubs. The articles themselves are flowing fairly easily, it's just the classic scenario - leaving it too late.

Anyway, I got the news from fellow Scrubber, Roy Nuttall, that I had been waiting for since late April. Like an expectant father, I rejoiced at the news that our first breeding pair of Reed Buntings had fledged 5 youngsters. I had been watching the nest site ever since I first noticed a male holding territory. I had a hint that they were doing well when I saw the male with food plus on another occasion with a faecal sac. The reason for my original concern was that they had chosen to set up home within the area that the Meadow Pipits breed, an area that is very prone to human disturbance.

I'm very proud that our special nesters have successfully fledged youngsters in an urban park away from any substantial bodies of water. Maybe we will now have Reed Buntings breeding in our grassland on a regular basis.

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