Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tomorrow's the day

On Sunday I journeyed north to Leicester in my mum's car that I borrowed in the company of photographer, Russell Spencer. My mission was to hook up with Leicester's adopted son, John Hague, and to be shown around the city's jewel spots. We had a great day visiting a few places seeing some nice birds. As with everywhere else, there was a lot of flooding around and there were pools of water everywhere. A lot of the derelict land resembled mini wetlands replete with several Little Ringed Plovers and a one even had Lapwings and a solitary Golden Plover.

Tomorrow is a big day in my calender as it is the first sustained watch from Tower 42. I will have around 10 birders up there along with cameramen, Opticron and a couple guys from the BBC's Natural World team who are wanting to film us in action one day for a forthcoming programme. We've also got coverage on ITV's regional news tomorrow too. I just hope that we pull in some birds.

Photos from tomorrow will be duly posted.

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