Thursday, 8 April 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

It was an interesting day today. Whilst watching a Northern Wheatear on top of a Blackthorn bush in the grassland on The Scrubs this morning, a Common Whitethroat suddenly popped into view making it my earliest here ever. It beat last year's previous early bird by six days.

Back at The Urban Birder Towers I learnt that I'd been invited to Sri Lanka by the director of tourism - totally exciting! Furthermore, Sheena Harvey - editor of Bird Watching Magazine - commissioned me to write a feature on it as opposed to my usual column. Double result!

I'm also hopefully heading off to Corvo, in The Azores at some point soon too. Partially to scout for a wildlife film that I hope to shoot there in the autumn and partially to write a piece for my Bird Watching Magazine column. Now I know that it's not strictly urban but there are houses there!

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