Monday, 19 April 2010

Take note

My old notebook (Russell F Spencer)
It's been a weird last few days. The silent skies with no vapour trail scars is really unusual. You can almost imagine what it must have been like prior to the birth commercial flights. I wonder what the quiet skies and volcanic dust is doing to our migrants. Speaking of which, I had a small cross-section of visitors at The Scrubs recently. Lesser Whitethroats, a solitary Common Whitethroat, a few Northern Wheatears, a lone overflying Yellow Wagtail and tons of Chiffchaff and Blackcaps.

A really weird sight on Sunday morning was a flock that passed low over my head containing two Cormorant, one Greylag and an Emperor Goose!

I had a proposed trip in September to the Azores practically green-lit by the Azores Tourism Authorities. Great news. I'm also giving a talk on Wormwood Scrubs this Wednesday morning to inmates at Holloway Prison.

Should be interesting talking to a load of women!

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