Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blue skies

Spanish Ibex in Spain -not Notting Hill! (Stephen Daly)
At last the sun is poking its head over my part of west London. To be fair, it's been pretty sunny for the past few days made all the more better by the lack of planes. The Scrubs is still pulling in Wheatears, with birds being seen almost on a daily basis. Today was no different with a pair noted on the grassland eventually ending up on the playing fields. It's amazing that birding friends in Norfolk still haven't seen any.

Tonight, I went to see Birdguides' Fiona Barclay give an interesting talk on birding and technology at Camley Street Nature Reserve, Kings Cross in London. She covered all the gadgets, websites and all the other things that defy description. I had a go on the iPad that Max Whitby (Birdguides) had brought along. Initially, I found it to be like an oversized iTouch, but I can see it catching on. But I can't see people pulling them out in the street.

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