Friday, 23 April 2010

Scrubs Rouzel

Male Ring Ouzel (Stephen Daly)
This morning started brilliantly with the discovery of a pristine male Ring Ouzel (not the one photographed) that flew into my field of view whilst I was watching a Pied Wagtail. It perched on top of a tree and through my scope in perfect light I watched it 'chack' away until a dog walker flushed it. We saw it again briefly whilst we stood by the grassland searching for Wheatears and Whinchats.

Inspired by his experience on Tower 42, fellow Scrubber Roy Nuttall, journeyed back to The Scrubs later in the afternoon for a spot of viz migging. He was rewarded with the site's 2nd ever Marsh Harrier, a Buzzard and 4 Swifts that I believe to be our earliest ever.

This evening, I gave a talk to the Potters Bar and Barnet RSPB Group about a year in The Scrubs. They seemed to enjoy it and have asked me back next year.


BW said...

Nice work with the Ringo. I was almost tempted to grip you by sending pics from our local 'long-stayer' (which has now served three days). Check out:
But pulled out, as the grip would hav ebeen too painful...

Mike W

The Urban Birder said...

You're right Mike, I was positively salivating over your Ouzel shots - I love them!

I also love the term 'Ringo'. I may have to nick that one!