Monday, 22 March 2010

Wheatear bonanza

Northern Wheatear (Dean Eades)
The harbingers of spring finally arrived last week when a single male Northern Wheatears were discovered in the grassland at The Scrubs over two days. Of course, it could have been the same male that stayed for two days, but what is undisputed is the fact that it was the earliest returning bird ever at my patch.

Yesterday, I found three birds - 2 immaculate males and a bright female/dull male. They performed beautifully sometimes down to 20 yards.

Had a great meeting with the management team at Tower 42 to go through the finalities before the launch of the Tower 42 Bird Study Group this Friday. They are amazing. Totally accommodating and absolutely up for making this venture a success. Got an email from BBC London saying that four of them will be coming to the launch and London Tonight may also bring a crew to cover it as a news item.

It's taking shape.

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Tombola said...

Fantastic news about the Tower group David, reall excited to hear how that all goes.

In a similar (though much smaller) vein, a mate of mine lives in the rooftop flat of a block in Manchester City Centre (6 or 7 storeys). I keep meaning to ask him if I can use his balcony which gives access to the roof. I'd also need some more powerful binoculars though...