Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The tall day is coming....

Visible migration watching over Tower 42 (Russell F Spencer)
I think that I need 15 PA's and a team of experts working for me because as time moves on the projects and workload increases. Once upon a time it was just a magazine article every now and again plus the monthly Scrubs report, which I used to produce and distribute within a few days of the month ending. Nowadays, the workload has increased almost tenfold and I'm lucky to finish my Scrubs report midway through the following month.

I'm also working on the launch of the Tower 42 Bird Study Group. Just to recap, I have set up a group to observe migration from the top of Tower 42 - London's second highest building. Our main focus will be raptors including counting Peregrines, counting Swifts and observing Woodpigeons during the autumn. I sent invitations for the launch party out today and the take up has been excellent with both the BTO and the RSPB sending their boys to get involved. The BBC are setting up a webcam on the roof to capture any migration plus banter from the attendant birders. I'm very excited.

Tonight aside from watching United trounce AC Milan, I cracked on with my Bird Watching Magazine piece on my latest adventure in Merida and Caceres. It's flowing nicely. Also, my mum called me tonight to excitedly tell me that she had just had her first line dancing lesson. It was news to me, but hey, good for her!

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Dawn said...

I'm going to London tomorrow (27th March)to take photos and I wondered if it would be possible to go up Tower 42? Will it be open to the general public?