Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Can I have some more hours in the day please?

European Serin (Russell F Spencer)
Another day in the office was had after a early morning jaunt to The Scrubs. The skies were heavily laden with rain when I stepped out onto the hallowed turf at 7am. It wasn't long before the rain came although thankfully it was at most a light drizzle. I found another Northern Wheatear, heard a singing Reed Bunting (in itself a very rare occurrence - will it try to breed?) and I also heard my first Willow Warbler on The Scrubs this spring. Summer is coming.

I spent the day arranging meetings and doing more work on the Tower 42 Bird Study Group. Later in the evening I brought some shopping around to my mum and after, when I arrived home, I got to work finishing my latest piece for BBC Wildlife Magazine which is about bird calls and songs.

Sometimes I wish that I didn't need to sleep.

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