Sunday, 28 March 2010

First The Tower next The Palace!

This morning at The Scrubs I scored another Woodcock having unintentionally flushed it from the ground in Chats Paddock. The interesting thing was that I was chatting to fellow Scrubber, Roy Nuttall, about the Woodcock I saw just two days previously in the grassland when I suddenly flushed the bird. That kind of thing happens to me quite frequently so I'm often careful about what I wish for!

The first phase of the Tower 42 BSG is complete and now we look forward to the first watch period on Wednesday April 7th. My next major engagement is at Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen's hubby at the WWT Sir Peter Scott Centenary Celebrations tomorrow night. Sordid details to follow.

Finally, a worthy cause to get involved with. It's a quiz competition that you can enter to raise money for trans Saharan migrants and to honour the life of the remarkable Bob Scott, a fella whom I met on many occasions and who was one of the nicest people ever to don a pair of binoculars. March 26th saw a year's anniversary of his untimely death.

Get involved and get the chance of winning some amazing prizes.

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