Friday, 8 January 2010

That's Bullfinch!

The countdown to Scotland is well underway. I admit that I was a little apprehensive about the possibilities of me ever getting there - what with the inclement weather. Regular calls to the Isle of Mull have proven that there hasn't been any snowfall there since before Christmas. That was reassuring.

Meanwhile, back at home I rocked up to the frozen tundra known as The Scrubs to behold at least 50 Skylarks including at least 20 roaming the snowy fields trying to eek out some grub. Quite a few gulls were passing overhead including good numbers of Herring Gull - a scarcity over Wormwood Scrubs. I also heard a calling Reed Bunting and most special of all, a calling Bullfinch in Chats Paddock.

Bullfinches have become something of a major rarity at The Scrubs. We've gone from 2 breeding pairs as recently as 3 years ago to perhaps 2 winter sightings a year. It now seems to be purely a winter visitor. A sad state of affairs.

Today, Visit Scotland came through with a hotel in Oban so that I can jump directly onto the ferry that goes to Mull next week.



Bob Bushell said...

It's a pity for the Bullfinch, they've hardly come to our forest. Have a good time in bonnie Scotland.

Razboynik said...

Hi David, great blog.
I've just started birdwatching again after a 25 year hiatus, and decided to keep a blog. I would really appreciate a link on your blog. I've got your blog listed already.

drimnaghbirdwatch said...

Great blog David. Just read an article in the Guardian from November by Kate Kellaway and liked your small piece. Loved that your parents bought you a pair of binocs for £14 on hire purchase! Very sweet.