Sunday, 17 January 2010

Images of Glasgow

TUB at Hogganfield Park Local Nature Reserve (Russell F Spencer)
First-winter Black-headed Gulls (Russell F Spencer)
First-winter Black-headed Gulls (Russell F Spencer)
Drake Goosander (Russell F Spencer)
I had a very industrious day today that began with a conscience decision not to go to The Scrubs this morning. Why? Because I was bloody knackered!

It was a shame, because it was eventually a lovely sunny morning after the initial gloom. I spent the rest of the day completing my Bird Watching Magazine piece of Glasgow and moulding my RSPB article on Mull. I also replied to the million emails that had stacked up in my various inboxes.

I also noticed that annoyingly, I had two videos on my Facebook profile that were put there without my consent. I mean, what does a Cat Stevens and Lionel Richie video got to do with me. More importantly, how do I delete them?

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