Monday, 4 January 2010

It's flippin' freezing!

I read yesterday that this British Christmas was the coldest for 25 years. It certainly feels it. I'm used to this kind of cold in February. I fear for next week when I will be strolling around the wilds of Scotland.

I saw a cow being slaughtered on TV tonight. Random thought I know, but it was really quite emotional seeing a particularly furry looking bull walking into an abattoir not knowing that his life is about to end. Watching it being stun gunned, strung up and drained of its blood whilst still alive then beheaded and gutted was fascinating. To be totally honest, it didn't put me off consuming meat.

Anyway, ethical issues aside, I'd better scoot to finish my BBC Wildlife article.



alan tilmouth said...

You big Nancy, I was down your way today, took a stroll around the Serpentine in shirt sleeves it was that mild whilst half the capital seem to be confused and think they are in Moscow judging by the hats and boots.

The Urban Birder said...

You should have given me a shout Alan.

I live just around the corner from Hyde Park.

alan tilmouth said...

It was spur of the moment with an hour to kill between meeting and train, but thanks, next time.