Sunday, 3 January 2010


TUB at The London Wetland Centre (Russell F Spencer)
The first few days of the years have been non stop for me - largely writing but also planning for the next few weeks. For example, I am trying to plan the next few trips for my Bird Watching Magazine tour of the cities of Britain and Europe with Glasgow, Leicester & Merida in Extremadura, Spain looming.

On New Year's Day I was at The London Wetland Centre for a photoshoot for the BBC Wildlife Magazine article that I'm working on. It's all about birding in groups, so I had to commandeer a few birders that happened to be near me. I think that they thought I was a bit mad, asking them to take off their winter clothing to pretend it was a spring day. It was a bitterly cold day!


JonSadler said...

I hope you are coming to Birmingham on your countrywide birding travels! There is a good group of birders and urban naturalists in the West Midlands and the University hosts the Centre for Ornithology, who are looking into the ecology of urban birds as part of their research.

Regards and all the best for 2010


The Urban Birder said...

Interesting thought Jon.

I will be in touch. What's your email address?