Friday, 11 September 2009

Seeing an old friend

Common Redstart (Dave Renham)
Things have been pretty busy over in The Urban Birder Towers. TV stuff and brand development were the main issues this week. I have a million things to write about and I've just had a couple more commissions to complete before the month's end. One of which will be my latest piece for the RSPB's membership magazine on the plight of the House Sparrow in London. It will be my first species related article for them. I'm looking forward to researching it.

My trips to Istanbul and Lisbon are looming and I'm well excited although the situation in Istanbul isn't so clever at the moment, what with the excessive flooding that they have been experiencing. I hope that things are getting better because there were a few fatalities during the initial flooding.

This morning I did a three hour stint at The Scrubs. The winds have swung around to the east and things were definitely different. Over 25 Meadow Pipits, a similar number of Chiffchaffs and a gorgeous female Redstart standing out in the open on a bench. It was the first one to be seen well at Wormwood Scrubs for maybe 3 years.

Better go - football in the morning.


TFO said...

Congratulations on getting the RSPB gig and also the Alderney patronship, i'd be really touched if someone asked me to do such a job. Good the hear you are keeping very busy. Hope todays fottie result is a good one for you.

Steve said...

Looks like your going to be a busy boy David. Why is it everyone else but me has Redstarts? If you want Sparrows, I've got plenty of young ones in the garden.