Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Lost Land of the Volcano

Just watched part one of the new BBC series Lost Land Of The Volcano with Steve Backshall, George McGavin and Gordon Buchanan.

It was bloody awesome!

The thought of being in an uncharted area filled with species hitherto unknown to science. There was great footage of some crazy looking animals. I just loved the farting stripey marsupials. As a presenter, it's the sort of programme I'd just love to be involved with.


S Taylor said...

That Stick Insect was so prehistoric looking

holdingmoments said...

I'll have to catch up with that on i-player.
I don't have a tv. :)


I thought it rather sensationalist actually, along with stupid "excitement" music. I agree that it is a fascinating expedition, and would be awesome to be there, but it is about as low-brow as it comes. And the chopping and changing from location to location was ridiculous. At least 50% of the animals they showed they didn't bother saying what they were (and not because they were new to science), particularly the birds they had trapped, which as a birder was rather frustrating. Hats off to Dr McGavin though - you would not find me letting the largest insects I have ever seen crawl up my earlobe!

Thing said...

Yep,the music was well over the top, but if gets some pretty spectacular wildlife on BBC1 at nine in the evening, I find it hard to gripe too much. Looks like there are some pretty good birds to come too. I'm suprised there wasn't a red button tie in as they do with Spring/Autumn watch. Extra footage, more swearing etc etc

DNLee said...

I heard about this discovery, too. Awesome.

I wanted to share my recent Wordless Wednesday post - pictures of European birds - in Europe, but that also now live in America.

Would love to have your feedback on this item