Friday, 4 September 2009


It's finally happened!

After a wait that seemed to last a millennia, the London Natural History Society's Ornithological Society (for whom I the Chairman) is to be renamed The London Bird Club (part of the London Natural History Society). The logo may not necessarily end up looking exactly like the one featured above but it will be quite close.

I am so happy and look forward to loads of you guys joining the LNHS in the future.

Recently, I learned that I will be going on some interesting urban birding press trips in the New Year for my Bird Watching Magazine column. I will be heading to Bradford to find out about the ornithological occurrances there. In February I'll be heading to Extremadura, Spain to visit Caceres and Marida - home to some rare breeding birds including internationally important populations of Lesser Kestrel. Also, as some point next year I will be hitting Bogota in Colombia. I am totally excited about this trip and I suspect my head will be spinning when I am confronted by the profusion of lifers that await me.

But first, it's The Scrubs tomorrow...

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Andy said...

I certainly hope you'll keep the sparrer - most appropriate.