Saturday, 5 September 2009

Hit the roof

I've certainly got the autumn migration buzz. This is Saturday and Saturday means football which in turn means no trip to The Scrubs. Well not this morning. I sneaked a quick hour birding before hitting the football pitch. I missed 2 Northern Wheatears seen moments before I arrived but I did connect with a juvenile Hobby coursing through, several warblers and 3 Jackdaw that flew in from the north. Although it was sunny, the wretched north westerly was getting on my nerves.

Football was an exhausting affair this morning as only 9 players showed up, so I had to play outfield and basically run a lot more than I ever do! Breakfast made me even more tired and a trip to the RSPB Peregrine Watchpoint at the Tate Modern straight after didn't help. I seriously should have had my siesta.

I'm trying to organise a skywatching event next Sunday from the top of a tall building in central London. I had already contacted Centrepoint at the end of Oxford Street. They told me where to get off citing health and safety issues as the reason. I just think it would be great to stand on the roof of a skyscraper from dawn until dusk with some of London's finest birders, just watching for what passes over.

I'll keep you posted.


S Taylor said...

That would be a fantastic event and really makes you jealous of countries where they do it as the norm - ie "The River of Raptors" migration watchpoints in S America

Peter Alfrey said...

Blinking good idea.

Steve said...

Great idea but the safety police won't like it!