Saturday, 26 September 2009


A Beetle on holiday in Valencia, Spain
Football this morning was like climbing a mountain wading through treacle. But despite being on a path leading to certain defeat, we managed to come back from 7-3 down to draw 9-9. Mammoth stuff.

The cultural trip that I have been on recently continued this afternoon when I visited Aspreys on New Bond Street to see the Beatles Memorabilia exhibition that they are currently hosting. I've never been to Aspreys before (they sell ultra posh clobber and handbags etc) and their building was pretty impressive.

Whilst looking through a photo album of overpriced (£2000) prints of The Beatles in their heyday, I noticed the overzealous security man seriously eye-balling my friend and I as we thumbed through the pages. He made me feel as if I was a member of the Brinks Mat band of robbers. When my friend and I drifted into the adjoining room to check out some Lennon drawings, I noticed the overzealous security man looking through the photo album, obviously checking to see if we had stolen any of the prints. Can you imagine that!!

The remainder of my day was spent preparing for my autumn walk that I'm leading at The Scrubs in the morning, plus I spared a few moments to consider what to put in my suitcase for my Istanbul trip.

Any suggestions?


Alan Tilmouth said...

Looking forward to the Lindo in a Fez pics. Is your mum guest blogging whilst your away?

The Urban Birder said...

Ha ha! Good point!