Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Swift decline

Picture by Kim Dixon
I haven't been in tip-top condition since the weekend, as I have been suffering from one of my 'headache-less' migranes that has rendered me quite hard of hearing. Most sounds I hear grate inside my head. Not pleasant I can assure you.

This morning I arose early and made my way to my patch. It was a beautiful morning and quite hot. Just before 8am I gave a telephone interview for BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester about the demise of the Swift. There was something cool about sitting on a park bench in the sunshine watching and talking about Swifts.

The rest of my day was spent either in a torpor or typing on the computer. I received the itinerary for my Finland trip next week. The first three days will be spent in Helsinki urban birding and then the rest of the week until Sunday will be further north, hopefully spying on Wolverines and Brown Bear.

I can hardly wait.

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