Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Nice things

This Fur Seal was nowhere near an underground station!

As the Chair of the judges for the Mind The Bird Photographic Competition, I spent a lot of this evening scouring through some amazing images of birds taken near London Underground Stations. Basically, the competition has been organised by the RSPB in partnership with Transport for London and I have to get my votes for each category in by Friday. The official awards day will be July 15th at TfL's HQ.

I also got a lovely invite to the Isle of Mull from Debby Thorne, the RSPB White-tailed Eagle Information Officer, to traipse up to her part of the world to observe the wildlife, perhaps give a talk and certainly to have a chat. I will be up in Glasgow and Edinburgh in mid July and it's a shame that I kinda organised it already because it would have been good to travel onwards to Mull. I'm sure that something will be worked out.

Earlier today I had a meeting with my lovely agent Jo for a quick catch up. Afterwards, I hooked up with the equally lovely Alicia, my web designer. I'm relaunching my site soon and she showed me some fabulous designs that were so sexy, that I'm sure when you guys eventually see it you'll be orgasmic!

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