Thursday, 4 June 2009

Green green grass of home

I write this sat on the edge of my bed, pretty tired after the early start this morning and the traveling - an act that never ceases to make you tired.

I was remembering this morning when Malka and I were filming the Nightingales that I was telling you about - the ones that were hopping all around the grounds of the hotel. To be exact, they were mostly under bushes though occasionally they would come right out into the open, stand on a fallen branch and preen or feed a nearby fledgling. We even had one sing from its low perch.

Whilst we were filming in the background were singing Blackcaps, Golden Orioles juxtapositioned with police sirens, park buggies and shouting people. What a heady urban mix!

All in all, I had a fantastic time in Budapest with some great birds, a great guide in the shape of Gerard Gorman (who's lovely wife I met last night at dinner) and superb hosting by Malev Hungarian Airlines, Danubious Hotels and the Hungarian Tourist Board and their PR agents.

I'm currently looking through the rushes of what we shot in Budapest and I must say that some of the birdy images are great. I can't wait to post it on Birdguides' website.

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