Friday, 19 June 2009

I love this city!

Canary Wharf - an urban birding hotspot
I got a new bat tick last night. What we thought was a Noctule clicking was re-identified as a Leisler's Bat. Apparently the first record for my area. Isn't it amazing what can be found in cities. I must admit that if a Leisler's Bat flew up to me and slapped me in the face, I probably wouldn't recognise it - unless I had a bat detector!

Today was spent researching for my BBC Wildlife article on birding sites within London. Last weekend I visited Canary Wharf on the strength of an article I read on Birdguides recently. The author talked about the amazing variety of migrants that turned up in the few trees that lined the tiny gardens at the foot of Canada Wharf Tower (the one with the triangle on top). Unfortunately, I can't write about it to encourage people to come down for security reasons.

I received a digital SLR from Nikon yesterday, so I also browsed the instruction manual and finally worked out how to turn it on. Tomorrow I will try and take a picture!

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