Monday, 21 February 2011

It's all over now!

My old notebook (Russell F Spencer)
After spending what seemed like an eternity wading through memories I've finally finished incorporating some of them into my debut book to be published by New Holland. Hopefully it will be available in all good bookshops (and a few terrible ones) from August.

I have bared my birding soul though steered clear of a lot of the sex and violence. All that stuff will be in my next book that I will write under a pseudonym. The Urban Birder - Uncle Birds & Jedi Knights will be an eye opener for some of you.

Keep tuned for more news.


holdingmoments said...

I'll look forward to this :)

Neil Spiers said...

Be grabbing this as soon as it hits the shelf mate. Not shoplift it but buy it hahahaha.

Nice work mate!!

Simon Taylor said...

Great, cant wait for this one.

Should be a thoroughly intresting read

Penny Clarke said...

Just in time for the Rutland Bird Fair!!! (of course!) The 'Birds' will queueing up for this!!!!!!!