Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bad Spanish Disco

Marbled Gecko
Profile shot of the little fella
Imagine the scene; it's 3am and you're tired, had three Cava's too many and you're being dragged out onto a dancefloor frequented by seems a load of underaged girls along with a selection of older mums and dads. What's worse, there is a lot of bad dancing going on to Boney M's Brown Girl In The Ring.

Get the picture? That was the predicament that I found myself in last night/this morning in the historic town of Trujillo, Extremadura. The previous day I had been rejoicing at the sight of many Black-bellied & Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, multitudes of Calandra, Thekla and Crested Larks, Great Spotted Cuckoos, Black Wheatears, Spanish Imperial Eagles and many more goodies including the above featured gecko.

The day then nosedived into the lap of filthy drinking and dirty dancing. Resulting in several of us crawling back to the hotel at some unknown hour only to rise again seemingly minutes later to do the 2.5 hour coach journey to Madrid airport, a journey that was fortunately broken by a pitstop at a reservoir. This body of water provided us with Squacco Herons, a Great White Egret, Little & Great Bitterns, Cetti's & Fan-tailed Warblers, Purple Swamphens and a performing male Penduline Tit.

Extremadura is twice the size of Wales and is stuffed full of birds. Get yourself out there!


Neil Spiers said...

Now this sounds like my kind of wildlife watching trip!!! Well the drinking till the early hours... not the disco dancing!!! LOL


dave gosney said...

Hey David, don't you pretend to the world that you weren't doing a bit of dodgy dancing yourself. You were seen.
Great trip wasn't it?