Friday, 21 May 2010

Summer in the city

Northern Lapwing chick (Phill Spamer)
Ahh, at last some proper sunshine kicking out some proper heat. I was strolling around town in shirt sleeves for the first time this year in the UK.

Had a couple of review books sent to me today including the Wildlife Trusts '152 Wild Things To Do' which is a very attractive, bright, colourful book listing 152 ways to enjoy nature. They suggest things from visiting the Isles of Scilly to finding daffodils in a wood. I thought that the photography looked great too. A very attractive little book. The other one that I received was Harper Collins' 'The Peregrine' by JA Baker which I shall tuck into in due course.

My favourite book at the minute is 'Bird Migration' by Ian Newton. I just can't put it down. I read it everywhere. I was once reading it whilst sitting on a bench the other day and a fella sat next to me and started asking questions about the book. He was well impressed after I regurgitated a couple of the facts that I had just read. He thanked me for enlightening him.

I have a very full week ahead with filming with the BBC's Natural History Unit on Monday and with BBC London on Thursday on the Tower for their Springwatch coverage the following week. Add to that the Chelsea Flower Show on Tuesday night, a David Attenborough talk on Wednesday night Next week I have a dawn chorus event on the Thursday morning to launch the Wildlife Trusts book that I mentioned earlier.

However, this Sunday I am leading a walk around Wormwood Scrubs starting at 9.30am outside East Acton underground. So if you're in the hood......

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Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to see my picture has been credited and I thank you for that. Could you tell me where you got the photograph from though please?

A sad story goes with the picture of the lapwing chick, as it and the rest of it's brethren were eaten by a heron! I didn't get pictures of that but it was maybe a week or so after that picture was taken, so a shame!

Phill Spamer