Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Oman? No Man!

Birders on Tower 42 two weeks ago (Jon Osborne)
Our 5th visit to Tower 42 in as many weeks still didn't result in the perfect conditions that we have desired for so long. We didn't get a bright, sunny warm day replete with fluffy clouds and a gentle southerly breeze bringing in loads of migrant raptors. Instead, we got a slightly chilly northeasterly, largely cloudy skies with the occasional sunny break.

We managed to spy a Hobby streaking across the south London skies, 2-3 Sparrowhawks including one bird that must have been over a thousand feet up, as it was a tiny dot with the naked eye. We also had the expected Peregrines, a Common Buzzard and a high flying male Kestrel. It's incredible to think just how high these birds get. Loads must pass over our heads without us ever realising.

The Oman trip I mentioned yesterday sounds amazing with 5 nights there as part of the deal. Unfortunately, I will have to pass as I would return to Britain on the day I depart for Alderney and I would certainly miss that flight. Furthermore, I have committed myself to going to Alderney as the Wildlife Trust there have very kindly invited me to take part in their wildlife week. Plus, they have asked me to become one of their patrons.

I'm sure that I will have the chance to visit Oman again. Now, I must go - to have a good cry!

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Oman Birding said...

well you could come another time - October / November is good - enjoy le Manche