Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Oman! Oh boy!

Intermediate Egret (David Fettes)
Another industrious day was had trying to tread water and generally catch up. Yes, the never ending game of catch up. Aside from writing the monthly articles and whatnot are the innumerable emails from no less than 4 email accounts including one for the Tower 42 Bird Study Group that as you may imagine, is generating a life of its own.

It's been a great weekend for birding in London with my mates down on Beddington Farm discovering the first London Pacific Golden Plover in 107 years! What a great achievement lads! A Crane was seen overflying Canary Wharf this lunchtime, which may be a good omen for tomorrow's stint up on Tower 42.

Finally, I received a surprise invite to a birding press trip to Oman departing on May 25th. It sounds amazing and having not been there before, I was quick to consult the internet to learn of the goodies that I could connect with, should I choose the partake in this mission. The reason for my hesitation is that I have not been formally commissioned by any of the mags that I write for. To be honest, I'd feel a bit weird about accepting a trip on the basis of it being a jolly. I guess I don't feel that it's right.

Anyway, I will figure that conundrum out tomorrow.


Oman Birding said...

David - a small bit of advice - in Oman we have been over 40c for a few weeks now - so dress cool if you come, wear your 'birding hat' and drink more water than you could imagine you will need - you will enjoy the sights though - its migration time - I saw the first Sooty Falcons of the season about 2 weeks ago

The Urban Birder said...

Oooh! That sounds mouth watering! The Sooty Falcons that is, not the bottles of water!

Thank you for the tips.