Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Chelsea Flower Show

TUB admiring the orchids! (Penny Hayhurst)
Sanjika Perera Director of Sri Lanka Tourism with TUB (Penny Hayhurst)

TUB & Sanjika (Penny Hayhurst)
Now you may be wondering why an urban birder was stalking the decidedly middle class haunt known as the Chelsea Flower Show. Well, it was at the behest of the ultimate gentleman, Sanjika Perera of the Sri Lanka Tourism. I have always met this man glamourous places. Initially in the halls of Buckingham Palace, then within the Sri Lankan High Commission and today at the flower show.

He very kindly invited me to come and hang out at his orchid stand next to the jugs of Pimms. I was shocked to hear that some of the other guests that he had invited hadn't turned up and hadn't even bothered to call to say that they were not attending. Tickets are like gold dust and could have been given to other people. Some folks are so selfish.

It wasn't all bad for Sanjika though. Whilst hanging by his stand, he spotted Ringo strolling past. Not one for missing an opportunity, he grabbed the Beatle and got him to pose with him for a photo. Ringo even gave his classic victory sign. Somehow, this seemed to be a better find than the Robin I heard singing by the bandstand!

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