Thursday, 11 February 2010

Where are the Brighton birders?

Just give me the sunshine
A busy day was had at The Urban Birder Towers as I tried to draw up the invitation list for the Tower 42 Bird Study Group launch, to be held at the end of March. I also learnt today from the Italian Tourist Board that my request to hit Rome on my urban birding trail has been accepted. So I would hope to visit during May.

I'm writing my Brighton piece for Bird Watching Magazine but it is proving to be more difficult to research than I originally imagined. There's barely anything on the net about birding in Brighton - unless you're talking about Brighton in Canada. I'm disappointed that I have had little help from the people I contacted at the Sussex Ornithological Society thus far, which is pretty weird because every bird club I have contacted previously had been more than happy to help out.

I'm sure that I'll get there in the end. Any Brighton birders out there?

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Wild Freckle said...

Not a Brighton birder but a bag carrier! Rome in May will be wonderful - if you need help carrying your bags LOL! hope you get some help on Brighton birding! Must be someone out there!!